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Real Estate

We provide clients with legal services relating to the management and construction of factories, hotels, buildings, and other facilities. Over the past few years, TDH’s representatives have been representing clients before authorities on matters such as licensing and dispute resolutions to ensure maximum benefits for our clients in sales and purchase, transfers, funding, leasing transactions, etc.


Our service portfolio in the area of real estate includes:

  • Advise on dispute resolutions relating to construction and real estate
  • Participate in the drafting of agreements, addendums, contracts relating to construction, real estate transfers, land lease, commercial buildings lease, ground lease for business and construction site, hotel management agreements, real estate lease and management agreements.
  • Consult on and plan real estate investment projects, create development strategies, implement real estate projects in Vietnam
  • Participate in the drafting of agreements to lease, sale and transfer real estate that might incur during real estate trading project’s implementation
  • Evaluate legal status of the land that clients wish to apply for land use right and/or its attached assets used as capital contribution for enterprise establishment
  • Consult on procedures and evaluate legal documents used in real estate transactions such as: transfers, conversions, gifting, leasing, mortgage, capital contribution of real estate, real estate investment cooperation
  • Advise on all matters relating to the construction of office and commercial buildings, real estate sponsorship, real estate lease
  • Advise lenders and investors on preworkout agreements  
  • Advise clients in negotiating and restructuring troubled real estate projects, tax planning and strategies, including reorganization and new financing or investment
  • Advise clients on debt restructuring or workouts outside bankruptcy, including restructuring and  implementing loan modification agreements, exchanging and selling assets, and conveyances in lieu of foreclosure 
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